About me

Hi there!

You have just landed on my blog and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

To present myself in a few words, my name is Sébastien, i am now 30e, native Swiss and have already been writing quite a few posts on this blog in order to share my South American adventures, which we could from now on (end of September 2012) name : Latin American adventures.

The first set of this blog started in October 2008 for a 6 months trip in South America, starting from Argentina and ending in Peru. This was a magical experience during which I have met a lof of people locals and travellers, discovered a great number of different places, from the Andes Mountains till the Amazon, and loved the latin culture and furthermore the people, they are generally welcoming, cheerful and always happy to share some time with a travellers who speaks a bit spanish.

During this trip, Colombia was not on the plan, but as I have met so many fellow travellers convincing me to go discover this country, I have decided to go there in November – December 2010 during which I really had a blast.

I went back in the beginning 2012 to Colombia for 3 weeks and discover some other parts of the country.


From now on : September 2012,  and for the following months, I will go on writing on this blog to share with you my new life adventure which starts in Mexico.

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to ask any questions or comment any posts.