Medellin – Feria de las Flores

Spending a night in Pereira to win a bit of time on the next day bus trip, we will have a quick drink in the zona rosa (bars and clubs area), for a quiet sunday night. I just noticed, for the little we have seen, than Pereira is far to be the negative description given in the Lonely planet.

Monday will be the travelling day, we actually were for ONCE surprised on the good side by the bus company, who managed to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time!! (this is almost historical!) So a big up for the Flota del Occidente which had a good service on board, maybe even better than Boliviariano.

Why coming back to Medellin ?

One of the objectives was to make my girlfriend discover Medellin, and of course live a bit of this famous Feria de las Flores.

Being a big fan of Salsa dancing and latin music generally, on Tuesday night there was a huge concert with Marc Anthony planned for the Feria, but when you looked at the prices of the seats and tickets it sounded like a bad joke, it’s even more expensive than Switzerland. So bottomline if you’re not a rich colombian, you don’t go to the concert.

You can even rent a “lounge” for 12 people, but the price is 4’000 USD (yes no joke). So we prefered just going out at some nice bars of the Poblado area :-)

The town was pretty packed of people locals, nationals and foreigners everywhere, because of the Feria. Here is the famous PLaza Botero

PLaza Botero

Vanessa and myself.

Vanessa and me

On Wednesday there was a first defile of Old cars which was one of the main events of the Feria, but the most impressive was this last Sunday the Desfile de los silleteros, during which you can feel the pride of country, with as the most impressive people from all ages carrying these huge “flower stands” on their back. Note that these stands can weight up to 80 kg. So put yourself in the shoes of the people marching, good luck 😉

Here a tiny bit of the crowd closeby.



Start of the march.




Closer view on the dancers.


Junior silleteros march.






Older woman carrying her flower stand during the march.


There is even a competition, the one who did the most beautiful flower stand will ear a prize.


And the local whisky advert for the event.