A taste of Belize

Next on our plan travelling up to Playa del Carmen in Mexico was Belize, we just couldn’t avoid it as we had to cross it.

We crossed the border under the rain and then headed to Belize City.

Crossing the border

Our intention was to actually continue our trip to Chetumal (Mexican border) and head up directly to Playa del Carmen in one go. But things turned out that the idiot who managed the bus ticket from Belize City was….how could I say it without being rude… totally incompetent and we really lost patience and were at the edge to hit him. So if you plan to travel from Belize City up to Chetumal, better take the boat option, more expensive but more reliable and quicker.

If you can avoid Belize City, avoid it, I have been to lots of places in Latin America, but this was by far the most dodgy place and the feeling of lack of security was big. The town has literaly nothing to offer, it looks like a lost city left without any care after all the hurricanes which hit it in the past. And it was impossible to find a normal restaurant on a sunday, so we had to go to the expensive 5 star hotel of the area to get a sunday brunch.

But anyway… long story short, we had to go for plan B which was to take a boat to the island of Caye Caulker. A 45 min boat ride to this tiny island next to some beautiful turquoise water and coral reefs.

Boat ride

It was high time for us to just chill and not do much for a couple of days. So we realized that the island is tiny : 200 meter wide and 1500 m long. The athmosphere is very VERY laid back, stress doesn’t really have place on this island.

Spit panorama

Caye Caulker


Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker

The only down side of this islands are the locals who seem to have a big racism point against white tourists. Who knows why ? is it maybe the influence coming from the USA ? Truth is, law on this island is very conceptual, better be safe than sorry.

By night we discovered that eating fresh lobster is actually very cheap, so we enjoyed it big  time along with some fresh fish, Yummi!



Fish option

Delicious fish

Dream team

What was definitely worth the price, was a snorkel excursion just a couple of km out from the island, it was beautiful and we have seen loads for the little time we spent in the water. Thanks to our german friends who had a waterproof camera.


Eagle Ray, roughly 1m50 of width, really impressive!

Eagle ray

We were actually in the water with 5-6 sharks, totally not dangerous, that was fun!



At the same place a lot of sting rays are “flying” right over the bottom of the ocean, we just had to be careful to avoid being to close in order not to be stung.

Shark and sting ray

sting ray

One of the fun place on the island is the “lazy lizard bar” which has seats right over the water, so you can drink your bottle of rhum that way 😉

Lazy lizard bar

With even a surprise right next to my feet, a murene wanted to bite me, quite impressive when you do not expect it.


After spending 3-4 days on this island we decided to move for one last night on San Pedro, a far more touristy and developped island. It was pretty random, everyone on the island drives a golf cart. Looks very Gingo.

San Pedro

In the evening, next to our hotel a typical game from there happened. Basicelly people bet on a number.

And the whole game is about where will the chicken poo. If it spot on your number, you win money. Apparently this has a huge success in town, the game had 10 rounds and lasted hours with different chicken.

Chicken spot

The next day we woke up in catastrophy to take our ride to Mexico – Chatumal. Very happy to arrive back into a more organised country in terms of transportation (so…yes Belize was a real pain in the ass on this topic).

When we arrived the army was present with heavy weapons and dogs to search all the bags for drugs.

Boat ride to Mexico