Campeche – Calakmul

I was literally at the bus station of Campeche when I decided 20 minutes before the bus left, which destination I would go for. I was between Veracruz and Calakmul, basicely beach or another indiana jones adventure, I decided to go for a last Indiana Jones Adventure – jungle and mayan ruins.

Arriving late at xpujil a very small town in the middle of the way between Escarcega and Chetumal, I met this cool Dutch girl (yes if you read the Bolivian travel on the blog you may see I happen to meet great Dutch people during the trip :-)

We stayed at Rio Bec Dreams, an awesome place in terms of comfort, cleanliness and food, managed by a great couple of Canadians. Highly recommended place!

Rio Bec Dreams

On the way to the ruins we actually have 60 km of a tiny road crossing the jungle, and with our guide Luis, we stopped at one spot where we had the chance to see some crocodiles, and even a mother croc with her baby climbing on her back to get some sun. Magical moment!

crocodile and baby

Croc y su hijo

Calakmul might have been the most important Mayan City out of all the Mayan ruins found so far. the place remains still covered and counts up to 6’500 monuments and only part of it is discovered and at the light of the sun.
This place may have been the one ruling the other ruins from northern Guatemala, but at the moment it’s maybe more “El Mirador” which may have had this role. So far there is still a lot to discover and these are only hypothesis.

Calakmul entrance


On the site we had the chance to see some wildlife, amongst them a few small animals such as this lizard and these army ents (better not be on their way there were millions).

We also saw soe howling monkeys (same as the ones in Yaxchilan) and spider monkeys (difficult to catch with the camera due to their speed)


Army ents

Here is the main pyramid of the site, it’s HUGE! but the trees make it looks smaller.

Main Pyramid

A lot of Stelles are present on this site, unfortunately most of them have been stolen, so there is still a lot of mystery regarding what was their meaning.



Here is an idea of size with the cool Dutch friend met for this trip.



The main pyramid from the front side.

Main Pyramid


The majestic trees and their lichens


And from the top of the biggest pyramid, the view on the second biggest one. Still remains quite big.

Just for the fun of it I got challenged to climb it as quick as possible, done it in 48 seconds (after eating). The record was set at 38 seconds. Who’s next ? 😉

Second pyramid

The jungle surrounds completely the site, the road is at 60 km and the Guatemalan border at 50 km, but no roads to there, only trees. That might be a new challenge to cross the jungle and reach Tikal from there !

Jungle infinity

Main Pyramids

A few panoramas to give a bit of perspective.


Panorama pyramid

And finaly us with our cool guide Luis, thanks a lot to him and his great knowledge and fun attitude, we really had a good time!

Dream Team with our cool guide Luis!