El Salvador – La Libertad

Unexpectedly I had the chance to be invited by my friend in El Salvador for a few days with part of the family.

Ahead I would like to thank the people concerned for this great experience and for their open minded and cheerful atitude.


From Guatemala City, we have done pretty much 4 hours of drive to reach La Libertad, it’s situated on the pacific Coast, next to the famous surf spot named “el Tunco”.

These were fantastic relaxing days, with great local food. If you go in El Salvador try las Pupusas for breakfast :-)


Aside of this, of course the fish just fresh from the sea have a specific market at La Libertad. Fish and other seafood costed really nothing compared to what you can find in Europe.

La libertad


Fish market

El salvador, such as Guatemala is a country with a lot of Extremes, and this is a picture taken just on the road.


At the same time, the security is emphasized and you will see almost everywhere guards with heavy weapons. You may wonder what’s the percentage of the population working in the field of protection – security ?

We stayed at some friends place which was really well situated at 5 min walking to the beach. The environment was all secured.

relaxing place

And guess what you can have for breakfast ? Fresh Coconut milk, just taken from the trees!


The beach is alike Guatemala’s pacific coast a black sandy beach.

Playa San Blas

Playa san Blas

With beautiful sunset on the beach!