Granada – Nicaragua

Moving from Leon to Granada was a long but fun experience. We had to switch buses in Managua, but it took ages to finally leave town, as the driver was doing rounds in order to fullfill his bus at 300%. At the price of 1 dollar for 2 hours of bus, we couldn’t complain.

On the way we actually had a flat tire, so the very rude conductor, didn’t even asked help, he parked his bus right aside of the road, and began to change the wheel when big trucks passed at only centimeters of his head (the man really wanted to get killed). Anyways, he managed to change the wheel without any hurt and we could keep on going.

Granada is a bit the colonial reference of Nicaragua, you could compare it to the “Antigua of Guatemala”.

Main street

side street of granada


Main plaza in Granada

We arrived there during the International Poetry festival, which was really not our cup of tea let’s be honest. But interesting to see what it looked like.

Poetry festival

Aside of that the town attracts a lot of tourists, maybe the most out of all Nicaragua.

One of the highlight of the area is the Volcano Masaya and Santiago, which are both active and realeases a lot of sulfer in the air all day long.  The last big eruption happened in 1770. But last year a couple of rock bombs where thrown from the volcano and crashed on the tourist buses enflaming them, thankfully the tourists were not in the bus at this time. But everyone got a pretty scary experience. So, you never know what will happen. Here are the traces of the last eruption on the side of the volcano.

Last eruption trace

I did the excursion by night, so it roughly allows you to see the crater at sunset. Pretty impressive from different view points.

Santiago crater

Santiago crater

View of the crater which is in the crater…

santiago Crater

The Masaya crater, not visibly active, but if you would walk down the crater, the temperature is not livable. So the herbs and trees you see are unique as they can resist the heat.

Masaya Crater

And then you can actually go in the lava tunnel where a lot of bats are now living, and they leave the tunnel at sunset to search for food.

Bats in lava tunnel

If you actually switch off your flashlight, the bats will surround you and you will really feel like being “in a cloud of bats” pretty scary in a way, but fun!

These lava tunnel are actually very deep, that’s where the lava used to flow when the volcano was in eruption. We could access it till 180 meter deep, and it still runs further.

Lava tunnel