Mexico DF – 2

Mexico City is definitely a huge city, no doubt about it, but what makes it appealing and interesting, is that each neighborhood has it’s own identity and ambiance.

I was very lucky to have met an awesome mexican family who treated me as if I was one of their members, seriously I think Mexicans have a natural ability to be extremely welcoming and open to a complete stranger and Europeans should take them asan example.

Muchissimas gracias a ustedes por el tiempo pasado juntos en Mexico DF !!!

If there is something really important in the culture of mexican people, this is eating together good food.

We started the week end with a typical mexican breakfast : Zopotle, basicelly a nice soup with tomatoes, chile, the big cousin of the corn, some salad and onions with chicken. With as a typical drink a sort of rice milk with canella.

So I had the chance to discover a couple of other neighborhood such as : Coyoacan and San Angel, which are situated south of the center of Mexico.

We tried the fried chapulines, they have a lemon taste which is pretty nice :-)

Coyoacan is a more colonial, artist, bohemian area, with also lots of green (trees and parks), very appealing to walk around on a sunday. The Museum from Frida Khalo who is, with her husband Diego Rivera the most well known mexican artists, for their arts, but also for their life history and their relationship.

The church was full of course for the Sunday’s mass, as religion is very important in Latin America.

San Angel is also a nice place to walk around and try the typical sweets from the market.

One of the must see of the city is also the Anthropology museum in Polanco which is a HUGE museum, we spent 3,5 hours, but if you wanna see all of it in details you may need 6 hours. It was interesting to discover more in depth the different cultures which are the base of Mexico.

This huge stone was used as the “floor” for the gladiators to fight, and depending on where the blood would fall, it would be offered to one specific god. Each part of the stone has a meaning.

Finally on my last night in Mexico I got invited to a fashion defile of a design university. This was also a competition between the designers, and some high profile of the industry came to judge the work.

So the theme of the defile was:

And here are only a few of the incredible work done by these students, and of course some mexican beauties.

And all the pride goes to my friend who not only designed her pre-hispanic clothing, but also came as a model.