Mexico – Distrito Federal – 1

Mexico City, also named Mexico DF (Distrito Federal) the capital of Mexico, is the monster city of Latin America with 23 millions people at 2000 meter high.

It’s almost been a week that I have been here in Mexico City and I am positively surprised of the city against what the stereotypes say.

My first day objective was to discover the center, so it all started with taking the metro, which is actually pretty safe.

It will cost you only 3 pesos, the surprising part of it, are the sellers of hacked music : at every metro stop, you will see this guy or girl stepping in the metro and all of a sudden he/she would shout “the best music… only 10 pesos” while putting the music on (his bag is actually a big loudspeaker). So far I haven’t seen anyone buying these CD’s….

At the stop Zocalo, you basicely arrive on this huge Plaza de independencia, each side measures 240 meters, this is surely one of the most touristic area, as the Cathedral can be visited as well as the Templo de plaza mayor, which is an Aztec temple discovered under the city only in 1985.

The most of the temple remains burried, but you can see on the next picture the maquette of the full temple, apparently it’s been built in layers throughout the years.

In front of it you actually have the chance to get an Aztec ritual, which aims to quit you the negativity of your body, and bring you good fortune.

The center is pretty safe, as the police forces are very present.

In the city center especialy on the walking path you will meet what “crowded” means.

Going towards the plaza de la republica, here is the building of the “beaux arts” – bellas artes.

While walking towards the neighbourhood of “La reforma” you meet the huge buildings of business offices.

I stayed in the neighbourhood of la Condesa, one of the safest areas of Mexico, which is a pretty green area, with walking path sometimes between two lanes and also lots of bars and restaurants.

With a couple of mates from the hostel i stayed in (Hostel Buena Vida) which I would highly recommend, we discovered the Bosquet of Chapultepec, a huge green area, made of forest, lakes, zoo and museums. So we could actually get some free bikes for three hours and discover it for free.

The funny surprise are the squirrels which are far to be shy, and are always looking for some food :-)