Oaxaca – Puerto Escondido

Having enough of cold nights and mountainous areas, a 7 hours mini bus will drive me to the Pacific Coast to a small town named  PUERTO ESCONDIDO.

The place is well known for surfers, as between march and august, the “mexican pipeline” can have waves up to 12 meters high, only for pros of course.

The area is a chill out area with the paradise alike palm tree roof tops, nice sandy beach, and tropical weather.

The area has different beaches and each of them has a different purpose :

– Playa Zicatela : that’s the large long beach where the waves can be surfed only by professionals as the water currents are pretty dangerous as well. The area is full of small bars with roofs made of coconut tree leafes and restaurants, that’s also where the nightlife happens.


– Playa principal : the one in the middle of the town is where the fishermen brings the fish early in the morning to be sold on site directly and at the local market. Delicious ones!

– Playa Manzanillo, is a little paradise on it’s own, a few places to chill in the shadow, you can always have a nice fresh coconut :-)

And yes i agree it was my first day at the beach, so… there is work to do on the suntan 😉

– Playa Carizalillo is where you can learn how to surf, as the waves do not reach more than 2 meters high so it’s perfect to start.

One of the main attraction of the place is also to take a boat for a couple of hours and look for Dolfins, turtles and whales. Luckily we saw a lot of dolfins until seeing a group of almost 30 of them, a few turtles one of which we actually were able to grap at shore, quite big! and 2 whales that actually wanted to play with us, that almost got slightly dangerous.

And yes here is “Jose Manuel” la tortuga, handled by two weird individuals, a Swiss man and a french girl.

Finally this place has a great sunset every evening at around 5h30 pm, enjoy peacefuly with a nice fresh beer.