Santa Teresa – Costa Rica

While staying at this awesome hostel named “Hostel Urbano” I met randomly a couple of great people, such as Antonio, a funny friendly italian and Hugo a french guy studying in San Jose.

We decided to go together on a week end to Santa Teresa, a small beach village just up north to Montezuma still in the Puntarenas department.

It took us roughly 7 hours to arrive there (but like everywhere else in Latin America, they promise you 5 hours…). I tend to be positive and hope that one day the time given initially will be the effective one, but so far…. it never happened.

The fun part of the trip was to take a boat at Puntarenas, in order to cross part of the inner sea. The landscape was beautiful, it took us an hour to cross, having a fresh beer on the deck, watching the landscape and the sunset as well. The boat is big enough to transport cars and buses as well. So our bus was actually on the boat. We were extremely happy to breathe a bit after being sat for 4 hours in a row in a stuffy.

Boat Puntarenas

The surrounding lanscape revealed the montains of Monte Verde, a bit in the clouds.

View on Monteverde

The local beer, Imperial is the favourite one with Pilsen.

Imperial local beer

From right to Left, Hugo the frenchie, Antonio the italian, Diego the tico and me.

Dream team on the boat

Sunset on the boat was beautiful!


Arriving at night, we realized that the road is actually…no road, it’s a dust pist, so everytime a car passes around, you will get..dusty.

We will stay two nights at a cool laid back hostel, and we discovered a bit the nightlife, which is roughly sumed up by one single bar-club.

Hostel santa teresa

The most appealing thing at this part of the world is…the surf and the beach of course. It was very peaceful, not overcrowded of tourists. So we rented a surf for a half day only for 6 dollars, that was fair. And tried as much as we could to ride the waves. That wasn’t exceptional from my side, as the pace between the waves was extremely quick. But it was a fun time!

Santa teresa beach

Of course, being on the Pacific coast, allowed us to see beautiful sunset.

Sunset in santa teresa

The nightlife on Saturday will be fun as we met a great group of Spanish people, so we heard a lot of “Joder tio!!!” 😉